Sunday, September 12, 2010

Second Time Around Books from USA

These are my purchases at a recent book fair held in Kuching. Books sold here are all second hand books, creatively called ‘Second Time Around Book’. I guess second time around sounds much better than second hand. These are books from libraries and private collections from the United States.

There were lots of books for children and novels and non fictions for adults. The royal family went there on the 2nd last day and spent around RM100 (about US$35). For that amount, we bought these 7 novels and a few books for young adults. One of our best buy would be a hardcover copy of the ‘Magic Tree House Series’ – Blizzard of The Blue Moon. I don’t know who’s more excited, PurpleQueenFairy herself or the princess. The copy is practically brand new.

Books there were priced between RM4 (US$1+) to RM10 (US$3+) except for certain titles which might cost slightly more especially hardcover books for children. Other than that, the rest were very affordable and a great incentive for anyone who wishes to stock up on their reads or to build up their home library.

Not to mention with Christmas round the corner, it would be great opportunity to buy some as gifts except some folks might not be keen to receive second hand books as gifts. Would you mind?

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