Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Suggestion of Death by Marianne Wesson

I started this book during my weekend gateaway end of last month and it's only now that I managed to complete it.  It has been a long laborious read with plenty of distraction in between and a couple of assignments to complete which I did and submitted just today itself!

A Suggestion of Death is a legal term.  Quoting from Wikipedia, in law, it refers to calling the death of a party to the attention of a court and making it a matter of record, as a step in the revival of an action abated by the death of a party. In the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, it is governed by Fed.

I never knew that. Glad I learn something new just from the title.  I thought it's about murder! And reading the book, I was like wondering when is the murder going to take place and who is being killed off! about being off the mark!

Anyway, A Suggestion of Death isn't really that great of a book.   It was just entertaining enough without being boring and there is a mystery to be solved and at the end, a murder did take place.  

Characters that were being initially painted as being villains weren't really villains after all.  But it was pretty sad as one of the characters is pretty messed up and all due to an incident that wasn't her fault and that she couldn't remember and from which she was protected from remembering as it can caused much destruction to herself and to those around her if she does.

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