Friday, May 11, 2018

Fame by Tilly Bagshawe

Synopsis :

The raw, sexual beauty of Sabrina Leon demands the attention of all who come into contact with her. Plucked from obscurity at the age of 17 she's the new darling of the film scene, bagging lead roles in the hottest blockbusters. But Sabrina Leon has a problem. There's a YouTube sensation that's set to destroy everything she's fought for.

Hotshot movie producer Dorian Rasmirez has struggles of his own.  A bitter feud with rival producer and playboy, Harry Greene, has resulted in the plug being pulled on every project he goes near.  Casting Sabrina Leon in his remake of Wuthering Heights is a risk that might cost him.

Viorel Hudson was always destined for great things.  Now he's scored a role that every A-lister in Hollywood auditioned for - the brooding Heathcliff.  He may be at the height of his career, but is he ready for his latest role... not to mention his latest co-star?

This is what I say :

Fame is more Tilly Bagshawe's identity than any of her Sidney Sheldon's thrillers. Trashy (but in a rather good way) with hints of Jackie Collins but more milder version. Tilly's more controlled and restrained in her descriptive.  Even her villainous characters are pretty mild.  It's like she's trying to play gown up but at the same time tries to restrain herself.

Having said that Fame is an addictive read and while her effort to pair up the characters are rather predictive, it's quite fun to read how she pairs them up.

It's a great book if you want something light, quick like time to kill in between assignments, if you know what I mean..... :)

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