Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reflections 2017

October 2017

I am writing this reflections even in October of 2017 but I know I wont post this till December 2017 but feeling very demotivated I am not sure if I am in the right frame of mind to reflect on 2017 as I might just rate it super low...

It's a very challenging year...even from the start and at this point, I don't know if it can get even lower but you know what, I have been in worse situation and I know I will get up for I refuse to get knock down but being down, sometimes you are just so tired that you want to be's not comfortable being down but it's such a struggle to get up.

December 2017

I decided the leave the above which was reflected in October and when I was extremely challenged from many facade.  From work to family to studies, things seems to be not moving in the right direction and I was dead bone tired.  I think I didn't read any book for that month.  As the local here says, 'no heart to read or do anything.  Basically just surviving each moment and going through the momentum'.

I also started studying again in May this year so that's something that has been keeping me busy and focus for the year.  It would be another two years before I complete the programme so that does time me away from my leisure reading as well.

Anyway, back to reading, this year is at one of it's lowest ever. if memory serves me right.  This year I have read about 36 books (If my calculation wasn't wrong) only which a super low for me which still works out to about 3 books a month which is acceptable I guess.  When I am down to one book per month, I guess that's when I should be panicking.

Best book for the year? No time to give it much thought but Blood Harvest and Beautiful Lies were good.

Rush Home Road was an unexpected good read.  So is Before I Fall and I got my hands on The Girl on The Train which I wanted to for quite a long time.

I discovered Lisa Gardner as a potential author to add on to my list of authors to look out for.

Where my blog/post management is concerned, I tried hard and I managed to squeeze in 50 posts in 2017 as well making it the same number of post for year 2016.  I have published more than 500 posts since I started this blog years ago and pretty glad it's still going strong (hopefully!)

In all things and in every circumstances, give thanks so I am thankful for 2017.  For all that is good and bad, thank you.

Thank you 2017 and good bye as well.

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  1. To a better and exciting 2018!!

    Compare to you, I hardly read a book a month this year. I am super busy with my 3 schooling kids! ^^

    Happy 2018!