Saturday, December 16, 2017

Books Second Time Around - coming to an end

Books Second Time Around in Hills Mall is coming to an end.  Sunday, 17 December would be their grand finale here for the year.

I went there two night ago, for the second time just to see if there's still any books that catches my attention with the purpose of trying out my luck in locating titles from authors such as Mark Gimenez, Carlos Luiz Zafon and maybe Joseph Finder.

My first visit there was when they first started the fair in early November.

I was in luck (in a way) as I managed to locate a title by Joseph Finder that I have not read before.  My first introduction to Joseph Finder was in Buried Secrets August last year.  From there, I bought Paranoia from the same sale last year and it's only now that I bought the third of Joseph Finder's title, Company Man.  Can't wait to get started on it!

Bought two more Chicken Soup Titles to add to my collection but let's not talk about that *feeling guilty*.

So, if you are in my city, remember tomorrow's the last day to check out the sale.

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