Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Reading Marathon

Finally, all that I am supposed to do are done!! *happy dance*

In fact, as at yesterday, at five in the afternoon local time, it was a temporary jail break for least until after the new year :) before the next challenge begins.

Technically I have one month to focus on my work, my reading, my house cleaning, my everything else before I have to delve into another world again...

This weekend and during the forthcoming holidays, I intend to do some marathon reading.  For some of you, that's normal but for me it's not but it's a luxury to be able to do so nowadays.

So which book gets the privilege?

Well, say hello to

Sing Them Home by Stephanie Kallos - a family saga with a bit of peek on life after death.,

I am thinking of attempting a couple more books.  However, am not too confident if I can do it.  What do you think?

If I can identify a couple more titles, I shall update them here.  So, do come back, ya :)

In the meantime, wish me luck! :)

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