Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ellie Andrews Has Second Thoughts by Ruth Saberton

Synopsis : 

Ellie Andrews is finally getting married..or she will be if her wedding dress still fits and she drinks enough champagne to pluck up the courage to walk down the aisle.  The problem is Ellie's never felt more distant from the man she's supposed to love.

to reassure herself, Ellie reflects on her old flames...there's Rupert - adoring, perfect but dull, Jay - the teenage crush; Marcus - sexy but very bad; and Xander - a real friend.

As the sun rises and the ceremony looms ever closer, only one question remains - who will be waiting for her at the alter?

The is a typical chic lite...however, it's written in a rather clever way and quite different from the norm.  The story is about Ellie who's getting ready for her wedding and the story flashed back to the past and to the boyfriends of the past

The uniqueness is that the person whom Ellie is getting married to is not revealed right up the last last few words  in the book.  Readers are kept in the dark on who she is marrying and if you are like you, you would attempt to guess and eliminate potential husband-to-be from the way the story progresses but I was quite correct in my guess.

And that's the way the author intended for it to be so and that's to me, is the uniqueness of this book.

Recommended to all chic lite fans out there.

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