Saturday, August 22, 2015

An Unexpected Sales - Car Boot Sales

At the end of the sales

It was an unexpected sales because it was....well extremely unexpected and it happened like this....

One recent hot bright sunny day, I received a call from a gentleman who bought some books from me last years and wanted to know if he can pick up some books from me again and he asked if he can do so the next day!

I was surprised beyond speech but agreed to meet up somewhere near where I work with some selections of what I think he might like based on his previous purchases. 

That night itself, I did the selections (a few rounds of it) and came up with  about forty titles of thrillers, murder mysteries and generally books of such genre as these were records of what he bought from me previously.  I am actually running low of such genre so it took me a couple of searches on my various shelves to come up with these forty odd titles.

I forgot to take an image of the books prior to the sales but it was two basket full and two paper bags full and at the end of the 10 mins sales, these are what was left of the collections that I selected.

It was a wonderful sale to this nice gentleman who runs an extremely unique homestay in the mystical island of Borneo where you get a taste of simple lifestyle in a beautiful tropic settings with simple organic meals planted right in the farm itself.

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