Thursday, May 28, 2015

The end of your life book club by Will Schwalbe

Synopsis :

Which books would be on your book club wish list?

Join Will and his mother Mary Anne in a very special two-member book club, as they read life-changing books from Suite Francaise, Brooklyn an dThe Elegance of the Hedgebog to discoveries like Crosing to Safety and People of the Book.  As Mary Anne's life comes to a close their exploration of books brings them even closer together.

A profoundly moving testament to a life lived to the fullest and the power and comfort of reading in our lives.

What are you reading now?

I really wasn't sure what to expect from this book.  I wasn't really keen to read it but it kinda put itself right in my face and forced me to take a second look.  I thought I just give it a chance since I was between read at that point of time.

After I read the end of your life book club, I went to google Will Schwalbe and when it came to the google tools options, I choose image.  And it was there that I saw the photo of Mary Ann Schwalbe, Will's mum. She had such a beautiful serene smile and everything that Will describe about her in the book became so real.

Some review claimed that Will Schwalbe used his influence and connection in the publishing world to publish this book.  I really dont really care how he published this book just that I am quite glad he did.  The End Of Your Life Book Club is a tribute to his mother and a sharing of their common interest of books.

The book is basically a review of books they read and it's unique to me as there are books they talked about that are books I have read myself.  Even so, readers get to know about the kind of person Mary Ann was and she was someone quite worth knowing.  

There are many quotes I can quote from the book but I guess I would have to read it again in order to do so and reading it again is something I won't mind doing.

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