Friday, May 8, 2015

Kaitlyn by Kevin Lewis

Synopsis :

Though the two-year-old survives the brutal attack by his drunken father, his older sister Kaitlyn is convinced it's all her fault.  Christopher is taken into care and never returns to the family home on the notorious Roxford estate in South London.  But the bond between the siblings remains strong, and as Kaitlyn gets older she dreams of a new life away from the violence of the estate and her mother's dangerous addictions.  But most of all, she dreams of being reunited with her little brother.

Will Kaitlyn's dreams ever come true? and if they do, could they turn into a nightmare?

I nearly missed out on reading this book as I have put it out for sale at the recent flea market.  While there, I kinda took it off the market as I thought it might be interesting and surprising and luckily, it was not too bad.

Kaitlyn, as the title goes, is about this girl who grew up in the wrong side of town.  Having lost her brother to the system due to their father's drunken attack, she went on to loss her mother to drugs. She tried to make a difference in her life but didn't do very well in her attempt and subsequently she lost herself to money and power but throughout it all, she never lost her desire to find her little brother.

While Kaitlyn, the character is far from being a role model, she does score some points her her determination and her strong character.  In the end, she turned out to be rather cold and conniving attitude and I wasn't really cheering for her in the end.

Christopher turned out different and to me his character wasn't really well developed and I find him quite shallow.

Overall, it wasn't really that great a book but it wasn't that bad either.

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