Monday, May 18, 2015

The Plan by Stephen J. Cannell

Synopsis :

The selling of the president is an assignment that could salvage TV producer Ryan Bolt's damaged life and career, But Bolt doesn't know whom he truly serves. And by the time he finds out, it may be already too late...for one nation under siege.

The title isn't very imaginative. Neither is the cover but that's call you can say about this novel because the story and plot is imaginative enough for it to be a captivating and an engrossing read.

While the focus is on Ryan Bolt, the storyline wasn't about him but more about the system and how it's being manipulated and probably how easy it is to manipulate it when there's the right person placed at the right place with the right price.

If you are a fan of thriller with a side dish of politics, you would probably find this book engrossing and entertaining.  Others might find it an airport read but even so what's wrong with that if that's all you need?

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