Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Uncertain Flea Market - March 2015

March is pretty much a month of madness.  Right after the Chinese New Year celebration ended early this month, things are just pretty crazy and hectic.  There are lots to do at home and there are even more to do at work.  I have been working every weekend and haven't have a weekend break yet in March and even this coming weekend is rather uncertain.  April is not going to be better with a couple of major events that I need to look into but in all things I am thankful so I am not complaining.

A rainbow at the end of all these madness is that the hubby managed to bring back for me some books that were left behind for me at our previous home.Some are keepers but some are ready for new homes.  I managed to sort them out a bit but further sorting would be required if my flea market is on this weekend.

The story is that earlier this year, I signed up for my usual flea market for this weekend.  Due to the hectic schedule for these two months I was quite happy for some wonderful friends to take over my booth since they were not able to get a booking for this weekend.

The uncertainty comes about now when I am not able to contact one of the ladies.  For some reason, her phone is not ringing and messages are not getting through.  I really hope she is ok but on the other hand, I have paid for my booth and if she didn't take it and I dont take it, I would practically burn my booking fee.

Life teach me to hope for the best but plan for the worst so I am hoping that all is well with her and that she would be at the booth this Sunday selling her wonderful cookies and delicious homemade cakes.  However, in planning for the worst, I need to get ready some of my stock to occupy the booth if she is not able to.

With that here is a preview of my tentative flea market :

Two wonderful titles from Alexander McCall Smith, The Right Attitude to Rain and The Careful Use of Compliments that I highly recommend for that relaxing read that you might badly need.  Books that do not need to you turn the pages non stop but yet arrested your attention that you can put it down and can't wait to go back to you when you are free.

There is The Hogarth Conspiracy by Alex Connor that is an extremely good read especially if you are in to art and such and Stalin's Ghost by Martin Cruz Smith which is a real man's book and doesn't really speak to me.

The thrilling The Memory Collector by Meg Gardiner that didn't get sell at the last flea market and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  I haven't review this book yet, it's coming right up and I just read it like yesterday and I think I am ready to put it in the sales.  I hope I won't take t out at the last minute as I still sickly enjoy those creepy photos.

I have a few titles by Patricia Cornwell whom I have not reason not to respect but I just don't enjoy what she writes but I am very sure that her fans are out there.

I am quite keen to clear my fictions so I am not sure if I would bring my non fictions. I will have to think about it. 

So here they are, a preview of what can be expected from this flea market, uncertain as it is, I really look forward to it.  If my friend came through and takes over my booth, I would equally look forward to the rest that I will be getting so whichever way also works for me...fingers cross for the best to happen :)


  1. Where is this flea market? I would be interested to drop by and check on the booths. Thanks.

    You have great novels to let go. Patricia Cornwell is one of my fav authors. I have few from her.

    Hope everything will be alright and goes to plan this weekend.

    1. Hi Rose. it's going to be in Green Heights Mall and I'll be there on Saturday only from late morning to late afternoon. See you!

    2. Hi! Thanks for the info. Will try to drop by tomorrow and check it out.

    3. Hi. If you want any of the books above, let me know...Thanks.