Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kind of Cruel by Sophie Hannah

Synopsis :

Amber Hewerdine knows more than she is telling.  She knows that she hasn't slept since the arson attack which killed her best friend.

She knows that it is not normal for four members of your family to disappear one Christmas morning, and then reappear the next day, refusing to explain or ever speak of it again.

And she knows that somewhere, buried deep in her subconscious, is the key to what happened all those years ago at Little Orchard.

In my opinion, books such as this should be easy to read in that it should be engrossing, entertaining, thrilling and evokes sense of curiosity, excitement and interest among others.  It should not be difficult to read in that being tedious and draggy and overly descriptive.  Unfortunately that is how I viewed Kind of Cruel.

Termed a psychological suspense novel, it was kind of difficult to read Kind of Cruel.  The writing was kind of overly descriptive, the plot was kind of unrealistic, the characters were kind of annoying.  There are at times I felt that the author is more keen to show what she knows about this subject that she kind of over analyse the storyline.

The chapters were also kind of confusing moving from one character to another and there are chapters that presented themselves in first person that until now, I am not too sure what that was all about and how it added anything to the storyline.

The plot, although is rather unrealistic, is rather original and perhaps written in another way by another author who has better control over the writing skills, the book might turned out to be great.  As it is, it's kind of mediocre for now.

Although the cover image is kind of captivating, I was kind of wish I didn't read this.

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