Monday, December 10, 2012

Three Girls and their Brother by Theresa Rebeck

Synopsis :

So you want to know how to become famous?

Step 1 : Get your photo taken for the New Yorker, along with your incredibly beautiful red-haired sisters.
Step 2 : Watch as your face is plastered all over Time Square and New York goes crazy over you (why? Don't ask me.)
Step 3 : Learn to fight off the paparazzi who are camped outside your school. Older brother, especially seemingly invisible ones are useful here.
Step 4 : Pretend to be interested in leetchy old film stars at glitzy parties and don't let them realise you would rather be doing your homework.

But take it from a tip from me, Amelia, so-called IT Girl, fame is NOT all it's cracked up to be.

all those glamorous parties are really just full of neurotic women studiously avoiding the canapes.  Being followed by hoards of men with cameras can seriously threaten your social life. And no one listens when you tell them you never wanted all this in the first place.

One bit of advice I would give you, and it's an important one so please listen : whatever you do don't do what I did and BITE the most famous film star in the world.  It won't look good, believe me and it'll get you into all kinds of trouble.

I bought this book from a sales last year.   The title is rather unimaginative in my opinion but the cover picture of the red headed girl against the aqua green background attracted my attention.  I don't know the author at all and just buy it because the price was marked down tremendously.

The story was told from the perspective of all the siblings, starting with Philip, the brother and then it moved on the Amelia, the youngest sister, Polly, the second siblings and ended with Daria, the eldest. It wasn't really interested from Philip's perspective and only got interesting when it came to the parts told from Amelia and Polly's perspectives.

The one person I can't stand in this book is their mother.  How can a mother not look out for her 14 year old daughter and be so disillusioned into thinking that it's for her future and that her siblings are jealous of her success when they tried to look out for her.  Neurotic!

Can't say I like it but can't say I don't either.  It's just neither bad nor good but because I paid so little for it, it's worth it.

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