Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Deadly Houswives - edited by Christine Matthews

Synopsis :

In the expert hands of fourteen unsurpassed storytellers, being a takes on a whole new meaning.  Get ready for a lethal mix of meddling mothers-in-law, creepy neighbours, cheating husbands, fickle female friends, careers left behind, out-of-control kids, and much more in this thrilling collection  of never-before-published stories!  Go behind the lace curtains and PTA smiles to explore the often mind-numbing reality of being a housewife.

Join Nevada Barr, Barbara Collins, Carole Nelson Douglas, Eileen Dreyer, Vicki Hendricks, Suzann Ledbetter, Elizabeth Massie, Christine Matthews, Denise Mina and many more on a riotous ride through the dark but often hilarious corners of the housewife psyche.

It was an impulsive decision to borrow this book from the library and I can't say I regret it but at the same time I can't say I enjoyed it too. There are a total of thirteen short stories some of which are quite interesting but some are quite boring.

However, I can guarantee you that they are a rather deadly bunch of people as the title promises because there's a whole lot of killing taking place in the book. Some of these killings are for no particular reason at all other than the person being paranoid.  We have a rather psychotic bunch of housewives who burnt neighbour's houses just to be on TV, who murder their husbands, murder their daughters-in-law, murder their neighbours, murder repairmen, murder strangers and murder their mothers-in-law and a whole lot more with revenge being centre of it all.

I won't recommend this book to you.  It's just not edifying at all.

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