Saturday, May 5, 2012

Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

 Synopsis :

For bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, life is rosy and she's spending her days chasing down the usual cast of losers and weirdos.  Until, that is, the tables are turned and suddenly, someone's after her.  Her mysterious stalker, a crazed woman dressed in black, carries a Glock and has a secret connection to the dark and dangerous Ranger.

The action turns deadly serious and Stephanie goes from hunting kips to hunting a murderer.  Ranger needs Stephanie and the two must work together to find the killer, rescue a missing child and stop a rapidly rising body count.  But they're getting too close for comfort - what will cop Joe Morelli, Stephanie's on-again, off-again boyfriend have to say?

For some reason that I'm not sure of, I seems to average this series once a month or so.  This time round it is book twelve of Stephanie Plum's wacky adventure.  Review for book ten (Ten Big Ones) is here.

All I can say after a couple of Stephanie's book are that they are more or less the same. You will have Stephanie trying to act cool when we all know that she's not.  You will also have Lula trying to be who is isn't and this time round even getting Grandma Mazur into trouble with some song and dance routine that are just plain hilarious and oh ya, both Joe and Ranger moved into Stephanie's apartment! At more or less the same time!

Twelve Sharp certainly delves deeper into who Ranger is and humanised him (as much as possible) in the process.  It wasn't that great a storyline but it still delivers from the entertainment perspective.

You might be keen to check out review for book thirteen (Lean Mean Thirteen) here after this.

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