Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Best Way You Know How by Christine Pountney

Synopsis :

At the age of 25, Hannah Crowe moves from Canada to London, intend to cure herself of a puritan upbringing and to find a husband. A few months later, she is married to Daniel and living in Camberwell, south London. Together they attempt to pursue their shared desire for a creatively rich, emotionally intense and sexually passionate domestic life, but it soon becomes apparent that this kind of relationship requires more from them than their individual ambitions will allow.

Funny, spirited and heartbreaking, Hannah and Daniel are pulled between kindness and infidelity, freedom and and responsibility.  Their story is one of misplaced passion, of yearning and the refusal to compromise.

This is not really of chic lite gene. It’s more intense. It’s also not really of romance gene either. It’s less romantic. I have mixed feelings reading this book. Part of me enjoyed it a bit. Part of me felt it’s a waste of time.

Basically the takeaway lesson here is that one should not just get married for marriage sake. It would have been better for both Hannah and Daniel to get to know one another first but when love rules the heads, do you think they thought of that?

Anyway, since the deed is done and like the title of this book, they tried to make the best of the marriage, the best way they know how. But whether that's good enough or not, you have to check out the book to find out.

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