Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Sister's Forgiveness by Anna Schmidt

Synopsis :

Teenage cousins Sadie and Tessa are best friends, just like their mothers, sisters Emma and Jeannie. Their families are close and the girls themselves are inseparable. And then the unthinkable happens. A single instant of Sadie’s inattention causes a tragic accident—and Tessa is dead. Everything changes in that moment: Jeannie’s lost her only child, Emma’s daughter is facing legal consequences, and both families are reeling from grief and loss. Soon sorrow becomes bitterness as Jeannie’s marriage disintegrates and Emma’s two children are mired in guilt and depression. But through faith, can each sister find a way from heartbreak to forgiveness?

This is both a tear jerker and a page turner.  I can’t stop bawling my eyes out as I read along and neither can I stop reading. 

The story is not uncommon.  Someone you love with all that you can die and the person responsible is another person whom you love as well.  How do you cope? How do you react?  Is it a case of ‘an eye for an eye’ or is it a case of ‘turning the other cheek’

Emma and Jeannie are sisters.  They have been very close to each other since young.  Tessa is her only daughter.  Sadie is her niece.  For Jeannie, it’s even worse as she felt she is partly responsible for her daughter’s death too.  If only she didn’t go with Sadie to get her learner’s permit. But then Sadie should know better than to drive without an adult.  For Emma, she is glad that her daughter's alive but trying her best now to get her out of trouble.  She felt for Jeannie but if only Jannie didn't go behind her back to get Sadie's learner's permit.

In a situation such as this, everyone get hurt, even the bystander and in this case, it’s Matt, Sadie’s brother who felt that post the accident, the family is no longer a family and everything is focus on  Sadie.  He started to hang out with the wrong crowd after being ignored by Greg, Tessa's father who knew that Matt is not to blame but he can't help but to think of what Sadie did each time he saw Matt. If only Greg has insisted to send Tessa to school that morning.

 Eveyone is a victim but everyone is also on offender at the same time.  Expected publication: May 1st 2012 by Barbour Publishing, Inc. I review this for netgalley.com.

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