Friday, May 11, 2012

The Key on the Quilt by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Synopsis :

God’s Plan Revealed. . .Stitch by Stitch
From a distance, the building may resemble a castle, but it’s the last place Jane Prescott, Mamie Dawson, and Ellen Sullivan thought they’d be, and the last place they expected to see love grow.
Broken in spirit and wondering if God has abandoned her, Jane is serving a ten-year sentence at the Nebraska State Penitentiary, even as she hides a startling secret. How will one caring physician help unravel the hidden meaning behind Jane’s courthouse steps quilt?
Mamie told God she’d go anywhere, never dreaming He’d send her to nurture women the world had forgotten. But while helping those around her, will she stubbornly keep the attentions of a kind guard at arm’s length?
Ellen was never going to leave Kentucky, but then marriage made her a Nebraska warden’s wife. Can she reach past uncertainty and fear to find God’s purpose in it all?
Together, these three women form an unlikely friendship that takes them to the end of themselves and, ultimately, on a journey that proves prison walls can neither frustrate God’s plans nor keep love out.

This is my first time reading a historical novel.  I usually stay away from such as I just don’t like it but I didn’t know this is one such novel when I first got hold of it.  However, I must say I enjoyed it. 

Set in the 1890s in Lincoln, Nebraska, I enjoy the story of Jane, Ellen, Mamie and the other ladies.  I feel for Jane for what she had to go through and I’m so glad that things worked out for her.  I especially feel for her need to experience God’s ‘grace note’ in her times of darkness and it is such grace note that pulls her through. 

I love every characters in the book. Each brought so much charm and life to the story.  From Ian Sullivan, the warden to Minnie Dawson, Matron Mamie's sister, I would love to continue to read about them.  

The Key On The Quilt was published by Barbour Publishing in March 2012. I did this review for

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