Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Jury by Steve Martini

The Jury is a suspense thriller published almost 10 years ago.

In The Jury, defense lawyer, Paul Madriani represents a respected geneticist named Dr David Crone who is accused of murdering a young colleague. An incriminating note left behind by a dead key witness seems to confirm his innocence – until Madriani hits upon a loose end that dangles an ethical nightmare in front of his face – the possibility of defending a guilty client.

I have no idea how this book came about to be in my possession. Could I have bought it but forgot about it or could it be part of what was given to me years ago but didn’t make an impact on my mind.

Anyway, fans of court room thriller would lap this up because things are always not what it appears to be. While I enjoy the story, I find the font of the book a bit of the smaller side and thus contribute negatively to the enjoyment factor. Also, I don’t really like the style of writing of this author.

However, I do think it would make into a good movie. I might enjoy that better.

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