Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love, Honour and O’Brien by Jennifer Rowe

Synopsis :

She stared into the speckled mirror, wondering how she had come to this. How could she, Holly Love, apple of her parents' eye, competent manipulator of invoices in Gorgon Office Supplies, have ended up alone and starving in a dead man's flat?

How indeed? Most reluctant heroines would throw in the towel at this point. But Holly Love is made of sterner stuff. She's sworn to track down the cheating swine who ripped her life apart, and make him pay. But as she tries to keep her head in the face of a bizarre mystery, a gloomy old house, a hearse driving Elvis impersonator and a gang of vengeful thugs not to mention a garrulous and possibly possessed parrot Holly is forced to come to terms with a great truth. However bad things seem, they can always get worse.

This is a rather refreshing book. First, it was set in the Blue Mountain in Australia and not in any towns or cities in the United States that you would come to expect. For the fact that I have been to Blue Mountain certainly added some interesting charm to the whole story.

Anyway, no matter where the setting is, Love, Honour & O’Brien is very delightful. I feel sad for Holly Love as she gets ready to start her new life being a married woman. Unknown to her, her ‘knight in shining amour’ is really a ‘crook in rusted tin can’. He promised to marry her but has ran off with her money. Knowing that she’s in for such disappointment makes me feel sad for her. At the same time, I sense some gumption from her and kind of know that she would be ok after she got over the shock. Somehow, I knew that Holly has the strength to get up and move on.

Get up and move on she did after her private detective died on her and she ended up taking over his practice and his talking parrot and finding herself some true friend in the person of a psychic and an old lady who watches detective shows every night.

I enjoy this book and all that the characters bring with it. Although some of the characters are just too quirky and rather lame and some of the plot too coincidental to be real but it’s amusing and fun to read and rather entertaining thoroughly. I would love to read the second book and see how Holly fares as a detective. Very well, I’m sure.

Love, Honour and O'Brien is due for released by Poisoned Pen Press on 15th January 2012. I review this for NetGalley.com.


  1. Thanks for the review. I really enjoyed this book and am glad we're publishing it.

  2. Hi Robert. It was a pleasure reviewing this book. Thanks for dropping by.