Friday, December 9, 2011

Husband Material by Maeve Haran

Synopsis :

What makes a good husband material? Someone who’s kind? Someone who’s brilliant in bed and puts the rubbish out afterwards?

After 16 years of marriage to the charming but unfaithful Giles, Amanda’s sure of one thing : she isn’t going to make the same mistake twice. So when she, literally, bumps into charismatic property developer Angus Day in his cobait blue sports car there’s no way she’s going to fall for that charm baloney again - even if he does offer to pay for her damage.

This time she’s going to choose someone suitable. Like the delightful Luke Knight, a caring, sharing new man who helps old ladies across the street – rather than throwing them into it. Amanda is smitten and despite the misgivings of her daughter Clio, she wants him to be her very own knight in shining amour.

Amanda is in her 40s and she is looking into dating again after her divorce. Her 16 year old daughter encourages her to and even put a singles advert for her in the paper. She finds herself attracted to Angus Day but is he too charming for her? Then she was introduced to Luke Knight and is attracted to him too. She now has a choice between Knight and Day (night and day), get it? Haha...:)

The book is quite enjoyable if taken at face value and not to be analysed too thoroughly. The characters are lovable especially Clio and Isobel (Angus’s mother) and the whole book does take on an air of fairytale like which is pretty unrealistic. Having said that it does touch on a few social issues like what might happen when a single mother takes on a new man, the danger when a mother brings a new man into her life and into her home. It also brought to light the concern and struggle of single mum in trying to give the basic to her family while not able to offer them treats and holidays and how devastating it can be to her and her children when her ex-husband has a new family.

First time reading Maeve Haran. I bought Husband Material in a warehouse sales quite a while ago. I quite enjoy it. I think I will keep it.

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