Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My visit to Logos Hope in Pending Port, Kuching

Logos Hope is finally in Kuching. It was a rather warm afternoon when we decided to visit the ship after a rather scrumptious lunch in Puzzle Cafe. Part of me was rather apprehensive as there might be a crowd and I’m not too fond of crowds.

Anyway, someone announced that most of her friends have been onboard already so kiasu-ism kicked in and off we went to Pending Port. As you can see from the pictures, it was a wrong move as the crowd really built up and we have to queue for at least half an hour to get on board.

crowd started at the parking area

There were some people that tried to jump queue right in front of me as I was taking photos. Do you think I allow that to happen? Some of the crew members were interacting with the crowd as they help with crowd control so that was rather nice.

Still a long way to go.

Anyway, as we entered the ship, we have to sit through a 2 mins presentation on Logos Hope which I totally forgot the minute the presentation ended. Sorry, with the crowd and the heat, my mind wasn’t on the presentation at all. I thought they might make that optional as part of crowd control.

Next is the book exhibition area. It was packed as it’s rather small place and it was rather difficult to slowing browse through the books due to the crowd. However, I did see titles that I like and especially some of the books to complete my Sunrise Series. However, I forgot to check if they stocked book 4 (Family) of Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury. I need that to complete my set although I have already read the series. That would be my excuse for going back for subsequent visit. :)
I recognised these title :)

Books for teens are rather limited too. There were lots of Hannah Montana and High School Musical series but that’s about it. I also felt that titles are not very current. Perhaps I didn't have time to properly looked through.  Another reason for me to visit again :)

Due to the crowd, we have to queue to pay for what we bought and even to queue to purchase some refreshments from the International Cafe. Juices (orange and lemon) cost RM2.00 per cup. Ice cream is RM4 each and is rather delicious, cake is RM6 per piece, salted popcorn is RM2.00 per pack. I loved the salted popcorn. It’s been a while I had salted popcorn.

Queue to buy food & drink

After the cafe, we proceed to the theatre where visitors can take photos with the crew in their exotic and fun outfits as well as learn about cultures from all over the world.
this is the exhibition on Holland

So, did I buy any books? That's for another post. :) 


  1. Half and hours is not that bad. Over heard there is a lady and her family queue for two hours just to get in.

    Still, i think it was a good experience going there. The crew were pretty friendly

    As for books from Booksneeze, my guess is most are atill with our dearest KasXXX. Maybe will have to wait for the Chriatian community to make noise again before they will release.

  2. Hi Purple queen fairy. Thanks for coming to visit our ship in 2011. It was indeed a crazy time with a lot of people. I was just browsing for some locations in the port area and saw your post. I think you may already know but we are back! (July 2013) just in case you haven't been yet. I don't see so many crowds as we had last time and maybe just maybe you will find some of the books you are looking for.
    Nice to hear you like the icafe stuff :-).

    - Logos Hope Crew member from Jamaica