Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hope Underground - The 34 Chilean Miners - A Story of Faith & Miracles by Carlos Parra Diaz

Synopsis :

It was the longest underground entrapment in history. For 10 weeks the faith and endurance of a group of Chilean miners, their families and rescue workers were severely tested as the miners reminded trapped 700 meters below the Atacama Desert. Many feared the rescue effort would be merely a body-recovery process.

Yet instead of abandoning hope, the miners’ families chose to place themselves at the mercy of the elements and camp around the mind – in what later became known as Camp Hope – uniting in their prayers for a miracle.

The Chilean Government and the rescue team, despite several major setbacks, never gave up. On the contrary, President Pinera reaffirmed his country’s commitment to saving the miners while at the same time acknowledging that only God could help them succeed in this impossible mission.

For their part, the trapped miners clung to the belief that this was not to be their end, and with faith and hope fought against almost certain death.

And God didn’t disappoint. Ultimately all the miners were found alive and their rescue was watched live by a billion viewers.

Hope Underground is the personal account of Pr. Carlos Parra Diaz about his work as chaplain of Camp Hope. Pastor Parra is perfectly placed to share with us exclusive details of his daily interaction with the miners and their families, as well as how God manifested His presence in this truly amazing story. Hope Underground is a most-read for anyone who seeks a deeper spiritual insight into this trilling and unique real-life drama.

Can you remember where you were on 5 August 2010 and what you were doing? What about 13 October 2010?

While these might be pretty insignificant dates to you as you go about your day to day stuff, these are very important dates for 33 miners and their friends and families. For 69 days from 5th August to 13th October, the miners were trapped about 2,000 feet underground and with the 1st 17 days without any contact with the outside world and without any knowledge if they would ever get out of their nightmare.

Hope Underground is the story of these miners and their families, how they cope with this disaster and their unshaken faith in God. Told from the perspective of Pastor Carlos, it’s very captivating and encouraging to read about the strong faith these miners and their families have.  Readers will get to know their stories through Pastor Carlos interaction with their families and the notes that they sent up to him after they have been discovered.  It's so touching to read that as people gathered to pray for their safety, they themselves also gathered and prayed everyday at 12 noon.

I read the rescue itself with 'frogs in my throat' and eyes glued to every words. It's really a victory for the heavenly realm as they emerged safety and with greater faith in God having gone through such challenging experience.  In the midst of  the world's tragedies, Parso Carlos has a few questions - why does the story of San Jose Mine stand out in such contrast? Why did God permit this disaster to happen?  Why focus the eyes of the world on this single incident.  In the end, the answers came to him is both simple and profound (his own words).  It is for God to show the world that He exist and that He hears the prayers of His people whom He created.  It is the unambiguous message of God's love and for the entire world who needed to hear God's voice and see His caring hand on Human lives and that Our God is a God of love. And He allowed all this to happen to get our attention. To call humanity back to Him.

Hope Underground is available Winter 2011.  You may pre-order the book at http://www.hopeunderground.com/. Thank you B&B Media for sending me this book.

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