Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wreath by Judy Christie

Synopsis :

What do you do when you’re too young to be on your own but have no one to turn to?

Sixteen-year-old Wreath Willis makes a list: Find a place to live. Buy cheap food. Finish high school. Get a job. Go to college. Now she’s finishing high school by day and squatting in a junkyard by night, flying below the authorities’ radar while she makes a few awkward friends and searches for an illusory “good life.” But when a teacher grows too suspicious, Wreath is afraid she’ll have to move on before she graduates. Could it be this was a good life?

Believe it or not, Wreath IS the name of a girl in this book – Wreath Wisteria Willis. Although categorised as a young adult (YA) fiction, just about anyone from teens and above can read it. 

I can’t help but to root for Wreath as she tries to fit in and be invisible to the world around her so that she can finish high school and go on to college. At the same time, she has to learn how to survive and alone without anyone in this world to turn to, she actually turn to God without knowing it. God answered her prayers and sends good people to watch out for her. There’s Clarice, a lawyer whom she met on the road and gave her a ride, Julie, a teacher from school who bumped into her while at a park, Law, the guy whom Wreath has a crush on, Faye who gave her a job and needed Wreath just as much without realising it and JD, owner of the hardware store who is the wild card in this story.

Wreath would make teens felt ashamed of their constant whining for all things frivolous from their parents. Parents can’t help but to feel for Wreath when her mum died and as a mother, I can't help but shade a tear or two.

Although you might felt that there’s no way this could have happened in a real situation as how can a girl be homeless without anyone knowing, how could she have stayed in that junkyard for so long without attracting attention but as a book, you might be encouraged and challenged by her surviving sprit and her simple faith and especially her love for her mother whom she misses terribly. Wreath does give you that feel good feeling and if you like something like that, you will enjoy this book.

Wreath is published by Borbour Publishing and will be out this Fall (October 2011). I review this for NetGalley.com.

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