Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stolen Hearts by Jane Tesh

Synopsis :

David Randall is a lively, carefree fellow with a talent for finding things. His perfect family life is derailed when he loses his little daughter Lindsey in a car crash. He is haunted by her in dreams, fearful she blames him. Thrown out by his second wife and wanting to leave a dead end detective agency to start his own, he reluctantly accepts his psychic friend Camden's invitation to stay in Camden's boarding house. Here he meets Kary Ingram, the lovely young woman who'll become the love of his life; Ellin Belton, Camden's intensely ambitious girlfriend; and an ever changing assortment of Camden's tenants, all searching for a home and family.

Randall's only clue to the murder of Albert Bennett is a notebook filled with odd musical notation. When his client, Melanie Gentry, hires him to prove her great grandmother was murdered by her lover, John Burrows Ashford, over authorship of "Patchwork Melodies," Randall sets out to find a connection to Bennett's murder, as well as the murder of a Smithsonian director, who was preparing a new PBS documentary on early American music.

When Randall's investigations lead him to another notebook, he finds not only "Two Hearts Singing," John Ashford's most famous song, but a valuable early copy of Stephen Foster's "Oh! Susanna," hidden in the cover. Things become even more complicated when Ashford's spirit parks himself in Cam and refuses to leave until Randall proves Ashford's innocence.

Sometimes you read a book that makes you happy, sometimes, it makes you sad or angry and there comes a time when you just felt perplex after finishing a book.  That’s how I felt with Stolen Hearts. It was quite a lunatic experience. With ghost visitations, alien abductions, fortune telling, clairvoyance, psychic networks, etc., it’s not my kind of book and certain not one that I would recommend to friends.

The only thing that tugs my heart string is how Randell longs after her daughter who died in a car accident and how he has to forgive himself and let go. I was also touched about how he goes out of his way to locate Camden’s birth mother but I fail to see how the case of the stolen locket comes into play in this story.

I quick read* the book for the purpose of this review. I am sure Stolen Hearts it would find its fans among the many readers out there but I will not be one of them.

I review this for Stolen Hearts will be published in October 2011.

*Quick read – my defination of reading quickly through, skim through the pages.

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