Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cruel Venus by Susan Lewis

Synopsis :

Allyson Jaymes has it all – celebrity, power and a glamorous marriage. Until her world is destroyed by the bitterest betrayal of all: her husband’s explosive affair with her 19 year old assistant, Tessa Dukes.

Tessa’s ambitions burn fiercely. Her chilling manipulation of fame and her steady destruction of so many dreams and ambitions lead all concerned into a fatal minefield of sexual obsession, psychotic jealousy and deadly treachery.

Moving from the dazzling, yet sinister, lights of London, to the deceptive haven of Italy’s romantic Amalfi Coast, Cruel Venus is a suspense-filled story of love at its very best – and absolute worst.

Read a couple of Susan Lewis’s novels years and years ago but can’t remember any of them. That’s how unmemorable they are. Having said that, they do made good read while it last but just not memorable. Oh, I said that already. Hm...I can apply that to a lot of other things and/or people as well....hmmm.

I would classify this as suspense and romance Anyway, I read this again after being left with it by some mean rental outlet. I’m just trying to get my money’s worth before I sell this off. By the way, I’m organising a sales of some of my books to make way for all the new stuff that I bought recently.

Cruel Venus started from the perspective of Allyson, then it was Tessa’s turn and after that it was Shelley’s. Shelley is the producer and the ‘best friend’ to Allyson.

Enter lust and betrayal and you would have anger and hurt in your hand. Exit the husband and enters a new man, you would have more lust and more betrayal than you can handle. Add that all up and you have murder to content with as well. At the end of it all is the big question of ‘who did it’.

Go and get a copy of you like all the above ingredients.

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