Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Agatha Christie - 120th Anniversary

I didn't know today is Agatha Christie's 120th Anniversary.  It's such a pleasant surprise to see that the creative folks at Google did a doodle in honour of her anniversary. 

Agatha Christie is one of my favourite mystery author.  At one time, I attempted to read all of her mystery stories and although I didn't managed to do it, I did read quite a lot of them!

The above is taken from Google page.  I love it.  Most of her detectives and sidekicks are represented here. 

I could be wrong but, from left to right, I think they are :

G - Hercule Poirot
O - Hasting
O - Tuppence Beresford
G - Ms Marple
L -Tommy Beresford
E - Adriadne Oliver

Thank you Agatha Christie for the many wonderful mystery books.

p.s. it is the royal butler who posted the above.  PurpleQueenFairy has nothing to do with it.

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