Thursday, September 23, 2010

No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Collection

When flipping through the newspaper sometime last week, an article on a new series over in HBO caught my attention. It's called the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.  Hm....that sounds familiar. It wasn't a few days later that I realised that I have a few books with this title.  A quick check through my 30+ odd unread collection resulted in the discovery these 3 titles that I have under the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series.

I have started with 'Tears of the Giraffe' which is the 2nd book while at the same time I would try my best to get hold of the the other titles provided I like Tears of the Giraffe.

The author is Alexander McCall Smith.  He has a few other series under his belt since writing the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series.  Alexander McCall Smith lives in Edinburgh and is married to a doctor.

Keep on eye on my review of Tears of the Giraffe.

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