Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nothing To Lose by Lee Child

Synopsis :

Two small towns in the middle of nowhere : Hope and Despair.  Between them, nothing but twelve miles of empty road.  Jack Reacher can't find a ride, so he walks.  All he wants is a cup of coffee.  What he gets are four hostile locals, a vagrancy charge and an order to move on.

They're picking on the wrong guy.

Reacher is a hard man. No job, no address, no baggage.  Nothing at all, except hardheaded curiosity.  What are the secrets that Despair seems so desperate to hide?  With just one ally - a mysterious woman cop from Hope - and many enemies, Reacher goes up against a whole town, hunting the rich man at its core, cracking open his terrifying agenda, asking the question : Who has the edge - a man with everything to gain, or a man with nothing to lose?

I am not really a fan of Jack Reacher.  I don't really understand this character.  Having first read his book a few years ago, I didn't really seek out any of his book since then.  I must have bought this quite long ago too as I found it recently in my collection.

Anyway, with nothing to lose, except time, I gave it a try as the book I was reading wasn't very appealing and if not anything, at least Nothing To Lose was pretty thrilling although I am rather flabbergasted by it too.  I really don't know why Reacher did the things he did.  Along the way,  I think he also regretted some of his actions.  In this case, I think he regretted his on inflexibility and his steadfast hold onto some of his ways and principles which doesn't really make sense.

As a whole, the book entertains me when I have to sit for endless hours in the hospital but at the same time I was quite happy to finish it too.

Ironically, Reacher was between two towns, Hope and Despair and you can say at this point of life, I am quite in between these two feelings as well...and while I want to choose to have hope, I can see how easy it is to feel despair and many times, that feeling is just so overwhelming....however I still choose hope because Jeremiah 29 :11 promises me so and I am claiming that.

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