Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Preview - May 2015 Flea Market

There is something charming and sweet about May.  While January is hopeful and dreamy, February is in a hurry, March and April are all about work, come May, I can just relax a bit and have a cup of coffee and put my feet up (I hope I am not jinxing it by saying so!)

Jinx no jinx, I am now preparing for this coming weekend to put my collection out in the market again.  I only made it partially during the March market and didn't go at all to the April market.  If I am to achieve the objectives I have set out where my book sale is concerned, I would need to make it for the May flea market which is happening this weekend in Green Heights Mall.

These are quite recent read, whose reviews are coming right up.  There's Kaitlyn by Kevin Lewis which is about a girl growing up in the wrong side of the city.  The Immigrant by Manju Kapur is a story of an Indian bride/wife through arranged marriage who found herself halfway across the world in Canada.  Standing in the Rainbow by Fannie Flagg is a charming story of middle class American in a small town at an era where rock and roll rules and where everyone knows everyone.  Blood Storm by Colin Forbes which is a crime thriller out to thrill.

There's quite a few books that didn't get sold during the March flea market so I would be bringing them too.

These educational books for kids are quite good too so they would come along to the sales as well.

I will also be bringing some Christian books like these here which are pretty brand new copies and excellent for personal collection or as a gift to someone.

So, if you have the time, drop by Green Heights Mall either on Saturday or Sunday and I shall see you there.

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