Thursday, April 23, 2015

Logos Hope is currently in Kuching

If you are living in Kuching, chances are you would know that the floating bookstore in the form of the ship, Logos Hope is currently docked in the Sim Kheng Hong Port in Pending, Kuching.  It arrived on the 2 April and will be opened to the public until probably 28 April which is just a few days to go.

Yes, I am rather late with my post but I have been working without a day off since early April so it wasn't over the weekend that I managed to make my way there and it wasn't just a couple of days ago that I managed to find time to work on this post.

The arrival of the ship generated excitement among the community and here and there you would have people you know asking you if you have been on 'the ship'.  I have been asked that and my question back to them would be 'How many books did you buy when you went on 'the ship'?'  Most of the time, the answer would be negative.  They go on the ship just for the sake of doing so and going for the ice cream and salted popcorn and not certainly for books shopping.

Which to me is rather sad as there are many great books there and these are titles that you will  seldom find in the local bookstores so it's great opportunity to stock up but then, generally, people don't really read do they?

Anyway, that's another topic for another post. 

For me, I was extremely pleased with all the titles there are.  I can't help but attracted to titles by one of my favourite Christian authors, Karen Kingsbury and to commemorate my visit and the fact that I survived two month's of crazy work schedule which is ending, I decided to buy Coming Home which is about the Baxter family from the Redemption and Firstborn Series.

I thought that would be all as I am on a strict budget but then while at the 'special offer' section, the deal was too good to be passed up so I brought all these home with me :)

Aren't they colourful.  I feel so happy just looking at the cover.  I bought three titles by Angela Hunt just to try her out.  I bought Dead Heat by Joel C Rosenberg as I thought the storyline is quite currently and at the very last minute, I saw titles by Randy Singer (there are a few titles) and without knowing which would be good, I just simply decided on one, Self Incrimination

I don't know when I will read them but you can be sure that I would read them sometime in the future and I would be sure to tell you all about it.

In the meantime, if you have not been on 'the ship', do go as they will be here for a few more days and if you do go, do pick up a book of two and don't just go for the ice cream or popcorn.  

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