Thursday, October 23, 2014

Venus Envy by Louise Bagshawe

Synopsis :

At twenty-seven, Alex Wilde feels like her life is going nowhere. She’s stuck in a dead-end job and her relationship history is a tale of woe. What’s more, she’s put on a few pounds lately...Sharing a house with three gorgeous girls doesn’t help. Her sister Gail got more than her fair share of the good genes, Keisha is an ice-cool man-magnet and Bronwen is so hip it hurts. 

With competition like this, is it any wonder Alex feels so inadequate? Alex has two choices: she can retreat to the safety of her duvet and stuff herself with chocolate or she can smarten up her act and face the world head on. Never one to choose the easy option, Alex realises she needs to up her game if she wants to stay in it..

I was advised not to read this book - that it would be a waste of my time.  I can't say the advice is valid but I also can't say that it's not wrong too.  I have read a few books by this author previously. Some I quite like, some I don'tVenus Envy would be somewhere in between.

A chic lite right to the core, there isn't much to say about this book.  The focus is on Alex who is feeling that she's not going anywhere.  She describes herself as fat but others seems to describe her as thin and sexy so either she has very low self esteem or her friends are just being polite.  Her sister describes her as a fat hag so can decide for yourself which is it? It doesn't really matter.

Alex falls for the charm of her boss, Seamus but decided to end it when discover that she's just part of a string of his many women and like she says to him, she doesn't like to share her man.  Entering her life is Tom who was Alex's best friend in Oxford. Tom who was fat is now muscular and fit due to being in the army and Tom is rich now.  However, Alex's sister, Gail has her eyes on Tom but is Tom interested in Gail?

While I dont really like the way Alex thinks and acts, I quite like her in many ways and I can't help but to cheer her on so, yes, this does fall into the category of like and I am glad I didn't take the advice given earlier.

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