Friday, April 25, 2014

'Let's read together for 10 minutes' campaign organised by Sarawak State Library

In conjunction with World Book Day, the Sarawak State Library organised a 'Jom Baca Bersama untuk 10 minit' which translate to 'Let's read together for 10 minutes' recently.

Held at the library itself, the event was officiated by the wife of the Sarawak's Chief Minister, YABhg Puan Sri Dato Hajah Jamilah Haji Anu.

So, what was it all about.  Basically, it is an attempt to promote the habit of reading and almost everyone there will have to read together (silently) for 10 mins from 10 am to 10.10 am.  It is also the library's attempt to break record but I'm not sure how successful that was.

You can say that I was at the right place at the right time as I got to witness and participate in the event.  Participants will either have to bring their own book and if they didn't, a copy will be supplied to them for that 10 mins. I was glad to have brought along with me, my current read from Oprah's Book Club Where The Heart Is by Bille Letts.  Review of this book coming right up!

Even footballers were invited to take part.  They didn't bring any books with them so I am curious as to what titles they were supplied with during the event.  However, I don't think it really matters as the participants were fast and quick in wanting to have their photos taken and autographs signed that the poor guy didn't have much chance to read. 

The Guest of Honour, Puan Sri brought along a copy of her book which I think is just great in being a good role model.  I especially loved it when she says 'a book is a book and nothing can replace it'.  I can relate to what she is trying to say.  She further shared that she read every night before bed so that's one thing we have in common (probably the only thing we have in common).

I think it's a good effort in promoting good reading habits and I applaud the initiative but then same as Earth Day, how effective it would be to read for just 10 minutes and how many present would continue doing so? The PurpleQeenFairy wonders.

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