Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Successful Sales - Sept & Oct 2013

It was yet another successful sales at the September flea market.  It wasn't as good as July but it was good enough and I am thankful in so many ways.

First to go was my favourite Angels Fall.  There seems to be a lot of Nora Robert's fans out there but then she does write good books.  I am sure Angels Fall has found a wonderful new owner.  Another lady took a liking to Echoes and Irresistable Force by Danielle Steele. Finally they are out of my hands! 

Lovers and Players, Chapatti or Chips and Man and Boy are among the books that went to new owners over the two days.  So did Memiors of A Geisha which I decided to put for sales at the market after some consideration.  I read the book many, many years ago and was thinking of re-reading it for a review but then, I don't think it will make it to my to-read list anytime soon so might as well say a quick good bye.

I also managed to sell off some of my fantasy collection like the series of Ways of The Kings, Ship of Magics, The Redemption of Athalus among others.

Came October and the mall management decided to hold another flea market and I was rather glad to be invited to take part again. :)

This time round, I sold off A Bend in Road, Mafia Princess  and Sing You Home among others.  It was a good feeling when the girl who bought Mafia Princess the day before told me that her mum read through the book the minute she brought it home and enjoyed it very much. 

Surprisingly, one lady decided to buy all my Readers Digest from the 70s. There were about 12 copies and she took all.  Have fun, lady, going down memory land. :)

A fan of James Patterson took back my Four Blind Mice and I managed to recommend Split Second to another fan of thriller.

All in all, it was another good sales.  :)  Can't wait for the next one.


  1. When the next flea market? I went to Hills today and grab some novels there

  2. Hi, I don't know when is next flea market. Did you go crazy at Hills? :) Hope you're having fun back in Kuching.