Friday, November 29, 2013

Have you been to the book sales?

If you are in Kuching, you might be aware that there's a sales going on in one of the malls.  It is actually a book sales and to be more specific, it is a book sales of pre-read book.   Termed 'Books Second Time Around', the books are all second hand or books that have been read that were shipped directly from the United States or Canada.  I rather called them pre-read books.

Held from 16th November to 8th December in Hills Shopping Mall, you can say the fact that it's a sales certainly added a lot of excitement to folks here whether they read or not.  From the young to the old, there's something for everyone. All you need is time to browse around. I especially love to read the inscriptions on some of the books especially inscriptions of love and well wishes in the children's books. :)

While this sales is very visible in terms of promotions and locations, there is also another book sales in town that's rather quiet and less well known in everywhere possible.  Called 'The Hunt', it is organised by a local bookstore, Smart Bookshops.

Held in Hock Lee Centre (a less well known mall in town), it will run from 1st to 30th November 2013.  While the books at Hills are second hand books, the books here are all new books.  They are also sold around the same price as the pre-read books. 

From the labels, I get to know that the bookstore must have got the books from a certain wolf based in Klang Valley that's rather well known for their annual book sales.  For this year, the sales will be next week somewhere in Klang Valley so this might be the balance from their previous sales?  Honestly, I dont' see many interesting titles and the fact that the books were not properly arranged certainly did not add any appeal to buyers.

So, I guess this would be a good time for readers in here with the many options that's available currently.

Happy book shopping. Do you want to know what I bought? :)


  1. I went to The Hills not Hock Lee. Bought abput RM100 worth of books there. Didnt browse much as my kids tag along and cannot spend more times there. I mostly bought fiction and romance novels for myself while few kids books.

    The WM book is the Big Bad Wolf. Have you been to one??

    What dif you buy this round?

    1. No, I haven't been the the BBW sales. Used to go Pearson warehouse sales in Sec 19 PJ. Didn't buy much this time round too at Hills...just bought the Girls with dragon tattoo series :)