Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hope Logos is back!

Two representatives from Hope Logos promoting the ship's arrival and activities on board

(sorry, it's rather blur)

The last time the floating ship, Hope Logos was in town was in October 2011. Fast forward to July 2013, it’s making its way back here again.

The ship which is currently sailing from the Philippines, should be berthed at the Sim Kheng Hong Port in Pending started 11th July and will be here until early August.  From the official schedule, Kuching is the only stop for the ship in Malaysia, after which it will set sail for Phuket, Thailand.

This would certainly be excellent news for those who had enjoyed going onboard the ship about 2 years ago.  You con do so all over again!  

It would also be good news for book lovers too as there’s a huge array of books for you to choose from with some of these books unavailable in our local bookstore.  However, I wonder how many of you actually read or started reading the books you bought back then.  I, for one must confess that I have not read all the books that I bought from the ship in year 2011!

Having said that, I would keep an eye on series by my favourite Christian author, Karen Kingsbury.  I love her Redemption and Firstborn Series and also Sunrise Series.  I really hope that they would have more current titles as the titles that I saw previously were rather old titles.  What would I love to see available?  I would love to see The Bailey Flanigan Series.  I would also like the see The Chance, one of Karen’s latest title.   

Above all, I would also like the see The Trouble With Cowboys, book 3 of the Big Sky Romance by Denise Hunter.  I read  book 1, A Cowboy's Touch and really like it.  I also read book 2, The Accidental Bride and love too, so it would make my collection complete to have book 3. *fingers cross*

Anyway,  you can start saving up to buy lots and lots of books.  :)

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