Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life Swap by Jane Green

Synopsis :

Amber Winslow has got the kids, hubby, the suburban house in Connecticut, USA - and the feeling that somehow life is passing her by.

Vicky Townsley is features editor of Poise! magazine in London - she's single, solvent and seriously successful but she'd ditch it all for marriage, a country house and kids.

So when one day, Poise! offers one lucky married reader the chance to life swap for a month with a glamourous, single journalist, Amber puts pen to paper.

But neither Amber nor Vicky gets quite what they were expecting and soon they find themselves asking why does the grass only look so much greener from the other side?

Well, what do you expect?  Jane Green is pretty much on top of her game in writing chic lite and this is chic lite to the core.

I have enjoyed, to a certain degree, some of Jane's writing like Bookends and The Other Woman but I don't like some of her writing too - like Jemina J.  What about Life Swap then, you ask.  Well, Life Swap is about just as good as it gets, I answer.   Whatever do you mean, you ask again.  Well, it is entertaining.  Amber was so superficial in the beginning with her designer decorated home and near perfect children but as she starts to realise what's more important in life, I began to warm up to her.  She is really blessed in many ways but she was blinded by materialism to see the people in her life that love her.

What about Vicky then, you ask again.  Well, Vicky is a career minded woman to the core but is beginning to realised that her time bomb's ticking and wanted very quickly to settle down and have a family.  I guess the life swap with Amber makes her realised that while settling down and having a family would be something she would like, she needs time to really focus first on finding someone who loves her like the way Richard loves Amber and not someone who just comes by at nine o'clock at night for some you know what.

Overall, it's a pretty delightful read. Not one of her finest but not one of her worst either.

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