Saturday, February 2, 2013

The wind still blows

Gone With The Wind is one of my favourite book.  I bought the book in a church sales more than 20 years ago and I read it many, many time.  I also enjoy the sequel, Scarlett, which was not written by Margaret Mitchell, the original author but by another author, Alexander Ripley who was commissioned by the estate of Margaret Mitchell to do the sequel more than fifty years later.

While reading the paper recently, I came across this article on a trail or a tour that you can take to capture the magic and charm of the Southern era in  Gone With The Wind.  Aptly named Gone With The Wind Trail, the journey will start from Kennesaw and Marietta, north of Atlanta to the heart of Atlanta and finally, south to Jonesboro.

You will get a chane to visit The Gone with The Wind Museum in Marietta where you can view an original gown worn by Vivian Leigh who acted as Scarlett O'Hara in the blockbuster movie release in the early 40s.  You will also get to visit the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park as well as The Margaret Mitchell House & Museum where the author wrote the book.  The trial will then take you to Oakland Cementery where about 3,000 Confederate soldiers rested forever in unmarked graves.  The visit will not be complete without a trip to Jonesboro's Road To Tara Museum which has an extensive and impressive collection of memorabilia.

I got the above information and the title all from the article that I read and not through personal experience so I can't really tell you how it would feel to be on the trail.  Exciting and thrilling, nostalgic and romantic, I imagine.  I would give quite a lot to be able to make the trail if you can do so, go for it.

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