Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pastures Nouveaux by Wendy Holden

Synopsis :

Cash-strapped Rosie and her boyfriend Mark are city folk longing for a tiny country cottage. Rampantly nouveaux-riches Samantha and Guy and also searching for rustic bliss – a mansion with a mile-long drive and hot and cold running gardeners.

The Village of Eight Mile Bottom seems quiet enough, despite a nosy postman, a reclusive rock star, a glamorous Bond Girl and a ghost with a knife in its back. But there are unexpected thrills in the hills. The local siren seduces Guy while a farmer fatale rocks Rosie’s relationship. Then a mysterious millionaire makes an offer she can’t refuse but should she?

Correction on the synopsis - Rosie‘s the one who is tired of city life and longs for life in the country. She managed to persuade boyfriend Mark who has just got his own column in the papers. However, life in the country isn’t really what they expected and it wasn’t long before things get out of hand. Likewise, beautiful has been actress (although she won’t admit it) Samantha also ‘persuaded’ her rich husband, Guy into moving to the country so that she can get a part in a TV series. It wasn’t long before she gets out of hand and brings chaos to the country! We must not forget the postman - country postman seems to be in the thick of things and knows a lot more than just delivering the post. Relationship gets topsy turvy and I can’t tell you who ended up with whom how did it all end. You will have to discover it for yourself and enjoying yourself while doing so!

Definitely a chic lite and quite delightful and entertaining too. It’s pretty funny, amusing and will certainly appeal to many chic lite fans. The uniqueness of Wendy’s books is that her characters can turn up in other titles too. This is the first Wendy Holden that I read. Next is the Wives of Bath and who knows, if I have a chance to get hold of her other titles in the future, you will certainly see her here.

Wendy is married with two children and lives in Derbyshire although she lived a few miles from the home of Charlotte Bronte when she was young. Her official web is http://www.officialwendyholden.com/ and her personal web is http://www.wendyholden.net/.

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