Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Perk by Mark Gimenez

This is the second book by Mark Gimenez that I am reading but it’s the 3rd book written by him. The first was called The Colours of Law and it was Mark Gimenez first book as well. It was fast paced, the interactions between the characters were alive and vibrant and it does remind me of what I used to read in a John Grisham book. And Mark Gimenez is being identified by The Times as ‘The Next Grisham’.

The Perk like Colours of Law, is more than just law book. It’s more a book exploring human relations and emotions and losing a loved one to death…losing a mother, losing a wife, losing a daughter and even a father’s lost of a son to hate. All these are set against a background of a seemingly perfect small town but we know there's no such thing as a perfect small town.

I will admit here that a few tears were shed in reading this story. As a mother, my heart ached for Luke and Maggie Hardin who lost their mum to cancer. As a wife, I ached for Beck Hardin as he misses his wife and for Aubrey as he tried to deal with the need to know what happened to his 16 year old daughter, who killed her and why was she dumped in the ditch.

JB (Beck’s father) is also an interest character, a winery who hates wine but loves the wine business. He brought much humour to the story and a much needed stability not just for Beck but for Luke and Maggie too.

The practice of law in the forefront of the story is well thought out and well written as well and wasn’t overly dry. Just when I thought that I've got the ending in a wrap, the author throws in a curve ball but nevertheless, I am happy with the ending.

Overall, I would recommend this book to those who like law drama with a human touch.

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