Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Righteous Men by Sam Bourne

The Righteous Men is the 1st of Sam Bourne's novels that I read. However, halfway through the book, I decided to read The Last Testament (also by Sam Bourne) instead, finished reading The Last Testament and then only continue with The Righteous Men. Dont ask me why, I can't explain it myself.

TRM follows New York Times rooker reporter, Will Monroe as he investigates the kidnapping of his wife, Beth. In his desperation to find her, Will finds himself embroils in a sinister plot that can spells the end of mankind. It was difficult for him to know who's his allies and who's the enemy as he finds a link between Beth's kidnapping and a series of muders that's taking place all over the world. What is more intriguing is that those who have been murdered all all classified as being 'righteous' in one way or another. Since is the plot of TRM.

So, what's my take? I didn't really like the novel but I dont dislike it either. Some review has rated Sam Bourne as the next Dan Brown. Unfortunately, I dont think that is the case. While I feel that Sam Bourne manages to tell a good story, he doesn't have that captivating writing as Dan Brown. For the fact that I can start this book and left it to complete another book is somthing that I can't do while reading Dan Brown's work. However, having said that, it was a good read. I find myself rooting for Will all the way through although I do get frustrated with him.

Would I recommend TRM to you? Probably, for a lazy afternoon with coffee or a relaxing evening with a glass of wine.

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