Friday, September 25, 2009

Playing James by Sarah Mason

I’m reading this book right now. From the title and from the cover, you can tell that it’s a lite chic/chick.

It’s actually the author’s first book as stated in the acknowledgement page. I googled Sarah Mason and found out that she has writing 3 books since this one. Playing James was first published in 2002.

Anyway, the sypnosis goes like this…Holly Closhannon, a budding reporter thought things couldn’t get worse than covering pet funerals. Then she assigned to be the crime reporter at Bristol Gazette where she works. As part of their PR exercise, the police department wanted her to shadow Detective James Sabine and to write a daily column, tackily called ‘The Real Dick Tracy’s Diary’ by her editor. Needless to say both did not hit off but I don’t a crystal ball to tell me that they will more than hit off at the end of the book.

Playing james is quite fun to read on a rainy afternoon or a boring day. The heroine is quirky but you find yourself warming up to her as she’s just full of life. The story opens with a call to the emergency room of the local hospital and the reason for the ‘emergency’ is just hilarious. The supporting characters are quite interesting too…best friend Lizzie, Robin from the police PR department among others.

The 3 other titles by Sarah Mason are The Party Season in 2003, High Society in 2004 and Sea Fever in 2007. I wont mind getting my hands on the other books.

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