Sunday, August 3, 2014

Prophet by Frank E. Peretti

Synopsis :

John Barrett's comfortable,successful world is being rocked to its foundation. As a well-known anchorman for the popular 'NewsSix at Five' program, he's caught his producer in journalistic wrongdoing - and she appears to be hiding something much bigger.

Suddenly John's father's 'accidental' death isn't looking so accidental.  And John's estranged son, Carl, has returned to challenge his integrity and find the man behind the TV image.And what are these mysterious 'voices' Barrett is hearing?

Prophet is an unique book.  It's not a book that any author can just sit down and write out.  I believe it requires a certain level of theological understanding to be able to write such book. 

How I ended up with this title is  unique in itself.  I was at one point quite interested in what Ted Dekker writes. I got The Heaven Trilogy somewhere on my shelves.  I also bought a book entitled House written by both Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.  Such, when I come across Prophet, I thought I'll just give it a try as even though I have not read House (it's sitting pretty in my shelf) I have a feeling it would be a wonderful read....just I haven't got round to it yet!

So, how did Prophet fare?  I enjoyed it.  I think it is a powerful book with a great message that needs to be read with an open mind and an equally open heart and if you can read it with an open spirit it would be quite good too.

John's the main character that went through great transformation from the beginning of the story right till the end.  He started off as a cynical, materialistic robotic human being that does not really care about presenting the truth although he is a journalist.  He father, John Sr was viewed a a 'mad prophet' and just before his death, presented John with a coat...the prophet's mantel and thus transferring the prophetic anointing from father to son.  It certainly wasn't easy for John but with support from his son, Carl, and mum and a couple others, he finally found his calling and concerns more about sharing the truth.

There's a lot of message in this book and like I said earlier, if read with much openness, it could changed your perspective in things of this world.

I might read it again in future.