Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wedding Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones

Synopsis :

Following a week in the life of a busy wedding planner, and based entirely on true but anonymous stories, Wedding Babylon takes you to the heart of an industry where emotions run high, money flows like champagne and £3000 cakes are made of polystyrene.

Why are weddings so expensive?  What makes us spend a year's wages on one Big Day?  And just how Big does your Day actually have to be?

Hilarious, shocking and full of jaw-dropping true tales of wedding days from hell, here is definitive proof that, sadly, the course of true love never did run entirely smooth....

This is as much a fun book as a sad book.  Fun because it has lots of funny tales of weddings, brides, grooms, best men, bridesmaids and so on.  Sad because if the tales are true, some people do get their priorities wrong when it comes to getting married.

The wedding planners featured here are actually two guys and readers get a glimpse of their days as they met with clients to discuss napkins, flowers, menus, etc.  The author also allowed readers to tag along to a wedding from collecting the bridal gown, wedding cake to meeting the minister or priest, setting up the party venue which includes portable loos and swearing chefs, etc.And the big bucks that couples are willing to shell out for the most perfect day of their lives can be rather atrocious. 

Like I said, rather fun read for a good laugh.

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