Friday, December 13, 2013

The Devil You Know by Louise Bagshawe

Synopsis :

New York...Smart, sexy Rose Fiorello grows up poor with nothing but a blistering hatred of Rothstein Realty, the developer that crushed her father's business...and a shocking plan to get even.

Los Angeles...Pampered society princess Poppy Allen wants to escape the smothering cocoon of her parents' privileged life to embrace the excitement of becoming a rock star...or rock star maker.

London...Plump, bullied Daisy Markham devours trashy bestsellers to escape her misery at boarding school...until she discovers that writing them can bring the acceptance-and man-she secretly desires.

But as each of these gutsy women goes after her dreams, a brutal act committed long ago will suddenly explode their worlds-revealing the betrayal that stole the heritage of three baby girls... uniting them now with one common passion: revenge.

I felt a tiny bit cheated by the book.  It was rather too predictable. Triples sisters by birth, three baby girls were separated and live extremely different lives.  However, they all grew up to be incredibly famous, successful and rich in their chosen fields.  They also seems to be attracted to men who are equally successful and powerful men in their chose fields.

Almost three quarter of the books were about the sisters individually.  It wasn't until almost towards the end that they met and that's when readers found out a rather interesting traits that the sisters shared and that's when readers might get an 'aha' moment that makes the book worth the predictable plot.   Just for that, I would recommend this book to you. :)

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