Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recent found

While doing some spring cleaning at my 'old' home recently, I found these two books. They were kept in a storage cabinet and if memory serves me right, they were among a box of books given to me by a friend many, many years ago.  Needless to say, I have not read them.

A Long Long Way by Sebastian Barry is about a soldier fighting the first world war.  Constantinople - The Last Great Seige is a historic account on the emperor Constantine.  These two books are all uncorrected proof.  

Both books are in trade paperback.  I just loved the covers of both books.  While one is almost greyish and void of any colour, the other is just busting with strong vibrant colours.  While one is photo of a battlefield, the other is a painting of a city on fire. Both about wars but wars that took place about 500 years apart.  I wonder what other similarities would I find in both of these books.

I brought the books home with me and have placed them in their rightful place in my shelf and will wait for the right time to see what they have to offer me.

They, for one, I would think, would be glad to be out of storage. :)

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