Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bookmarks Colllection

I should think everyone know what a bookmark is.  If you need a definition, a bookmark is define as a marker, most commonly made of paper or fabric or even leather and plastic.  It is used by readers to place in a section of a book, most probably to remind them of the pages where they have read so that it would be easier when they decided to continue from where they left off.  In a more casual context, they are accessories to books. :)
This is my collection of bookmarks.  I kept them in a little plastic container.  I have quite a lot as I'm not particular and anything can be a bookmark for me.

It can be a nicely printed purpose made bookmark like this pretty twin set that I bought some time ago.

It can also be a homemade version that was given to me.  I do cherish such bookmarks as quite a lot of effort went into making it.

 Heck, a bookmark for me can even be clothes' tags.  Here's a few really cute ones.

I even use be commercial promotional tags and used luggage tags/hotel rooms tags also do not escape my clutch...hehehe...*evil laugh*

Even pieces of paper folded or post-it notes work pretty well as bookmarks too.  Having said all that, I do have a few very nice ones which I kept for remembrance rather than using as they are gifts from friends.  This include this lovely butterfly here which is made from some metal.

Or these which are made of paper and treebark which friends got for me in their travel.  I still have a few more, some of which are made from fabric.

Of course, to avoid all these, the easier option would be to fold to top corner of the page but if you are a book lover, correct me if I'm wrong, that's one practice that you would not been keen to do.

So, what do you use as bookmarks?

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