Monday, August 15, 2011

Sidney Sheldon’s After The Darkness by Tilly Bagshawe

Synopsis :

Grace Brookstein is young, beautiful and the wife of billionaire Lenny Brookstein when the US stock market goes into a terrifying freefall. Oblivious and seemingly unscathed, Grace continues her charmed life, until the death of her husband in a tragic sailing ‘accident’ forces her to face reality. Was it possible that Lenny had conned thousands of people out of millions of dollars to live like a king, and how much did Grace know?

Untangling a spiralling web of vicious lies and well-planned deceit, Grace soon puts her own life in danger in an attempt to prove her innocence.

Grace Brookstein is your typical Sidney Sheldon’s heroine. Young, gentle and beautiful, her life was turned upside down after her husband’s death. She lost everything from material possessions to those whom she thought were her family and friends. Grace was convicted and imprisoned and life in jail sounded very familiar with another of Sidney Sheldon's heroine, Tracy Whitney from If Tomorrow Comes. I was even able to predict that she will attempt to escape from prison the same way Tracy did. Grace believed that she is framed. Alone and no one to turn to, she discovered that her husband might have been murdered and is determined to find out who did it.  Unknown to her, the worst is yet to come.

I wasn’t very impressed with Tilly Bagshawe after reading Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of The Game. However, I am happy to change my mind after reading Sidney Sheldon’s After The Darkness. While perhaps I compared too much of Mistress of The Game with Master of The Game, I wasn’t able to do so with After The Darkness. It seems to be a completely fresh new story and I enjoyed it tremendously.

I feel that Tilly managed to capture the essence of Sidney's style of writing novels and did extremely well with this book. However, there are still loopholes and plenty of room for improvement - for example,  Sidney was very good at tidying up loose ends, even for some minor characters which I enjoyed.  Having said that, with After The Darkness, I am duly impressed and feel that she has successfully brought to life, Sidney's legacy to his millions of fans.

Well done, Tilly.

p.s. I borrowed this copy from a friend. Thanks, NS :)

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