Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1st Anniversary?

Tulip farm in Holland. Nothing to do with this post. It's just so pretty, I want to go and see it one of these days.

2nd August 2010 marks a milestone for this blog. It's the date that I re-activate it and since then, a steady streams of book reviews, authors interviews, etc has been continuously posted. 

I am really enjoying this new hobby of mine but I didn't know that maintaining a blog can be stressful but fun and satisfying at the same time.  I am now thinking of ways of how to expand it. 

In months to come, I will attempt to share reviews of public libraries, promote local bookstores, book fairs and exhibitions and other relevant and related stories.

Should this date be the official anniversary date of this blog? 

If so, Happy 1st Anniversary.... :)

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